Deschutes County Democrats

Deschutes Democrats helped pass Measure 101, protecting our healthcare.

I am honored to be endorsed by vote of the Precinct Committee Persons who are the voting members of the Party.

I had an excellent and worthy opponent, Brian Hinderberger from within. 

I look forward to helping Brian get elected in 2020 to serve alongside me for the second half of my next term!

I serve and am running for re-election to a nonpartisan board. I am also proud to be a registered Democrat and have their endorsement. I am particularly honored to be among such a strong slate of candidates.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorses Barb Campbell for Bend City Campbell.

I worked closely with OLCV and so many other excellent groups in our community to pass the Bend Climate Resolution.

That resolution sets the framework for our City to do our part to protect our precious resources for future generations.

OLCV's endorsement was based on thoughtful, interesting questions and an interview with their board.

I am proud to be among their environmental champions.

I hope to continue to work with OLCV as a Bend City Councilor.

The Source Weekly

The Source Weekly endorses Barb Campbell for Bend City Council, again.

I am so proud to have earned The Source Weekly's endorsement, again!

The endorsement interview was really quite fascinating. 

Until my opponent, (whose family bought The Pine Tavern four years ago when she moved to town) I'd never heard anyone say there is no such thing as too many tourists. She is hoping to find more funds for tourism promotion. 

I've been here for 27 years and I've never heard a citizen express that opinion.

I've been working hard for those 4 years on managing the effects of tourism on our beloved Bend.

  • We've started pilot programs of shuttle buses and bike share to get visitors' cars out of our streets, parking places and roundabouts in the summer months when active transit is popular.
  • I continue to advocate that we push the State's definition of a "tourist facility" to include our streets, bikes, separated paths and buses. The City's Transient Room Tax provides some money for City infrastructure but without a sales tax or local fuel tax, our tourists simply don't contribute to the streets they clog. 
  • I've successfully advocated for tourism promotion for winter and shoulder seasons only, when our businesses could use the boost to level out with our bustling summers.

  • My opponent is simply unsympathetic to the people who try to get to work on time on streets clogged with her family's customers.
  • Led by Councilor Moseley, Council refused to spend some of the TRT revenue on promotion and got sued. 

Lobbyist-funded candidates dance with the ones that brung them, and that ain't you.

Working Families Party of Oregon

Working Families Party endorses Barb Campbell

The Working Families Party of Oregon is a minor political party modeled after the national Working Families Party, but is organized locally and is autonomous. It is recognized by the Oregon State Elections Division as a statewide nominating party.

I was excited to hear about this innovative Party and the role they play in our elections. 

Put simply, they are not trying to find the next Ralph Nader or Jill Stein. They are trying to provide a home for folks who think the other parties' tents are too big for the voices of working families to be heard.

They endorse candidates (usually registered to one of the two major parties) with hopes of amplifying those voices and strengthening, not splitting the candidates for office.

Their endorsement was based on the answers to an excellent questionnaire.