Kicking Ass for the Working Class slogan for the working families party.

Working Families Party

WFP questionnaire:

1. Why are you seeking this office? What experiences, views and/or policy goals would you bring to your office if elected?

Working families are why I serve and am seeking re-election to Bend City Council.

When I say “Working families”, I am automatically including children, folks with disabilities and the elderly. Veterans’ and active duty military families are working for our country with great sacrifice and little reward. Those are the citizens who need the help of their government to push back on the free market. 

I was an 8th grade science teacher in Harney County, where their families can only afford to keep their schools open 4 days a week. (Or at least that is what Greg Walden has convinced them…’We just can’t afford infrastructure, education and health care’… I do not agree with Rep Walden.)

When I returned to Bend and we purchased our home, I turned to political activism. For universal healthcare, sound environmental policy, affordable housing, first rate public education including community college or state university, sensible gun safety, and reform which acknowledges the importance of our current population of hard-working, immigrants in our nation of immigrants. I co-founded Slower Safer Bend to influence my own City toward safer neighborhood streets and a network of Neighborhood Greenways. (Our first official Greenways are in the planning phases!) 

In 2009 I started my business, Wabi Sabi, a Japanese themed gift store I created with those middle school kids in mind. Adolescence is such and awkward and often difficult time for kids and it is so important that they have a safe place where they can be themselves. When we moved the store to it’s current location in Downtown Bend, I was able to create and offer a space for those kids. We offer games, activities, parties and movies and space for other groups to meet…Queer Youth Space, 350 Deschutes, fair housing and immigrant’s right groups.

I ran for council in 2012 and then successfully in 2014 when I decided I would “think globally, act locally”. It would be my honor to serve again.

2. Why do you want the WFP endorsement? How will you use our endorsement if you receive it?

City Council is a non-partisan position. I genuinely believe that the best, most lasting solutions for our biggest problems can only come with all voices represented. While I am a registered Democrat, I would be proud to have the endorsement of the Working Families Party which shares my values and works to move them forward in policy.

I would be proud to advertise that I was endorsed by the Working Families Party and to talk to voters about this innovative minor political party.

I have learned the importance of having a team of elected officials who share the same values in all branches of government. Most of our City’s problems involve other agencies and need multilevel solutions. I would be happy to combine resources and campaign with WF candidates and would look forward to working together when elected.

3. What do you think the city’s role should be in providing social services to low income, marginalized, and houseless individuals and families?

Most “social services” are provided by the County and the State. Our largest role is in providing housing.

We have leveraged our Affordable Housing fee to such a degree that Bend has outpaced all other communities in Oregon building deed restricted Affordable Housing.

We have been “surplussing” unused City property and giving it to whomever can provide us with the most units of affordable housing.

We have adopted 17 different code amendments so that projects which include affordable housing “pencil out” in the marketplace.

We have partnered with the County to expand and remodel the homeless shelter.

We have partnered with a local housing provider to open a cold shelter in the winter.

I volunteer on a multi-agency workgroup which is on track provide “Housing First” in our community.

We extended no-cause eviction notice to 90 days. 

I have been lobbying for the ability to at least discuss Inclusionary Zoning and Rent Control for our own community.

Sadly, these are all drops in the bucket. So I’d like to keep working.

Our Police force makes the most contact with folks facing mental illness and addiction. 

We have created a mental health team which has had great success de-escalating situations which have ended in tragedy in other towns.

I have been working on a multi-agency committee putting in place a Crisis Stabilization Center for our County.

4.How do you balance police union protections with police accountability to the community? 

Frankly, I focus my attention on the resources, staffing and training which have allowed us to create a culture in our Police Force of respect for all people in our community. This respect for each individual shows in our results. We have a police force with tremendous expertise in de-escalation. 

I have a close relationship with our Police Chief. He has my complete trust and respect. 

Our community surveys show the vast majority of our community agrees with me.

(If I oversaw the Sheriff’s department, we’d be having a different conversation.)

5. What do you think are the most important issues facing city government today?

Wealth inequality

Money in politics

Powerful lobbyists for builders, developers and realtors in local politics

25% tariffs on steel

Children taken from their parents in order harm the children and punish the parents so other parents will decide to stay away from our internationally famously cruel country.
Not Mirror Pond

(Also see above)

6. Will you work to ensure that local law enforcement and government agencies -- including local police departments, school systems, and social service agencies in your district -- limit 

cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs 

Enforcement (ICE) in enforcing federal immigration policy?




I already have.

Before I got elected I protested the Sheriff’s department for deporting a hard working Bendite from her family and her job cleaning condos for a decade.

We have passed a Welcoming Cities resolution making clear our commitment to a diverse community with equal human rights for all.
Our budgets are far to tight to be chasing around after the obscene, inhumane, counterproductive and economically destabilizing goals of the uninformed federal administration, dammit!